After Little Lake Industries moved out in 1990, MBA leased the property to Dana H. Morgan of D.H. Morgan Manufacturing. This was a large change from the furniture design industry that had been running out of the building previously, but Morgan transformed the interior of the building to an engineer’s paradise. D.H. Morgan manufacturing was one of the first of a few engineering companies that occupied this building This roller coaster manufacturing company was founded in 1983 and moved to Monterey Bay Academy in 1990.

When they first moved in, the building was 55,00 square-feet, but part way through their occupancy, they (with the help of MBA) renovated the entire building, modernizing it, and adding an extra 20,000 square feet onto the footprint. Morgan build rides for places like Disney, The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and Bonfante Gardens. Morgan was one of the original creators for the rides of Disney World in florida and many of his original rides are still in use today.

Dana Morgan worked until 2001 when he retired and sold his company to Chance Coasters. Chance Coasters’ headquarters is located Wichita Kansas, but they kept the engineering department at MBA until 2007. D.H. Morgan and Chance Coasters designed some of the world’s best roller coasters right here in La Selva Beach California. We are proud to have them as part of our history!

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