ECI moved out of this building in 2012 and again the space was vacant for a few months. MBA was looking for a newer company that could bring life to the space and lead it into the future. There had been plenty of companies in the space, but MBA needed someone who could use the space to its full potential. While Enchanted Sand Castles was still in the back rooms, MBA leased the front part of the space to a company that, at the time, was called Global Gizmos. This company sold small toys that were startup ideas. None of the toys were very successful, but the company was trying to find its niche.

Eventually, Richard Menefee, the CEO and owner of the company, switched gears, and moved his company from toys to knives. He had a manufacturer in Taiwan and did the packaging and management right here in this building. He changed the name of the company to Saber knives, and sold in stores line Amazon, Costco, Houzz, and Wayfair. Eventually the company became too much for him to run, and he sold the company partway through 2017 to one of his partners. The knives can still be found on Costco and Amazon to this day. When he sold the company, he moved out of the space, when it was consumed by a new company.

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