Monterey Bay DART Innovation & Recovery Symposium Join us for the 2nd Annual Monterey Bay DART 2020 Symposium for compelling tech talks, presentations, networking, and mobilizing around the exciting opportunity to strengthen the Monterey Bay regional economy by focusing on emerging good-fit, cleantech enterprises in the drone, automation & robotics technology space. This five-day event will emphasize unmanned systems capabilities and focus on the technical, entrepreneurial and public policy opportunities to support strengthening the Monterey Bay Area DART Innovation Cluster. The Symposium will convene speakers, experts in economic recovery, agriculture, natural resources, conservation, national defense, homeland security, urban air mobility, government and higher education to highlight cutting-edge products, services, research & education. Our event sponsors are our partners. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that is custom designed to meet your organization’s goals. To this end, we value your input and expertise and will work closely with you to create a sponsorship campaign that is tailor made for your business needs.